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I have brought it once before and have 2 slots now, but I see you can have more. I can't find out how to do so in the game however though, I am only aAnother way is (was? Dunno if it still applies with it being messed up right now) via the BuddyUp system if you used a code, you get a free bank slot at...

It may also contain a wing back-slot item—either Golden Gliders or Fiery Feathers—dyad niveot structures, golden talents, more emblems, or other consumables. ... You can open it or give it away through the Wintera gifting center. ... You can open it or give it away through the TERA 5th Anniversary gifting center. TERA Game | PS4 - PlayStation The Founder's Pack Ultimate contains an exclusive mount, five pets each with the ability to auto-collect loot, a Fiery Feathers back-slot accessory, Elite Status (180 days), four bank expansions, four additional character slots, 100 strongbox keys, and 10,000 EMP to spend in the in-game TERA Store. TERA Game | PS4 - PlayStation

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Tera Elite Status Guide | Tutorials & Help for Computers,… 04. Travel Journal, bookmark up to 5 places anything I the Tera world. Teleport to those saved spots anytime. 05. Shortened Dungeon cool down entriesIf you have any QUESTIONS or COMMENTS about this Tera Tutorial / Video Guide on the Elite Status Subscription or have other questions relating... How to open ports tera Free Download for Windows Tera Term is a terminal emulation program that allows you to connect to Linux boxes. Main Features: - Serial port connections.TERA takes the fight beyond whack-a-mole monotony with enhanced aiming. See non-reviewed how to open ports tera software. Bank Share Revamp - ELSWORD Online – Free Action MMORPG When you open the Bank through NPC Luriel, you'll see 2 tabs: Self and Common.Using the shared bank, you can freely transfer items between different characters in the same account—even those items that are untradeable or unsealed.Purchase the item called Cobo's Shared Bank Open Ticket.

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It's a pretty common thing for a F2P MMO to have character slots as one of the things (alongside boosters, cosmetics, and premium) that are the main incentives to pay money. Also bank and/or inventory space (just extra bank tabs for Tera). It's something that's not strictly necessary to have to play the game, but it sure is convenient. How to unlock the guild bank? :: TERA General Discussions TERA > General Discussions > Topic Details. LegendaryLuckyTTV. Dec 21, 2016 @ 6:29pm How to unlock the guild bank? I made my own guild but still cant use the guild bank. < > Showing 1-1 of 1 comments Crunch. Dec 21, 2016 @ 6:33pm You need to be Glv. 30 and need 10 guild points to unlock. ...

You need to be Glv. 30 and need 10 guild points to unlock. It unlocks one tab at a time for a total of 40 points needed to unlock all tabs. Each guild level up unlocks one point at a time.